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NAM & NAM Won Patent Infringement Lawsuit and Criminal Case

2018-09-11 15:21
NAM & NAM won the Patent Infringement Lawsuits in civil proceedings and criminal proceedings, representing a world leading manufacturer of ship equipment.

NAM&NAM represented a defendant ("A") against the plaintiff ("B") for Patent Infringement cases in civil proceedings and criminal proceedings. To effectively defend the client, NAM&NAM also utilized the proceeding of the Fair Trade Commission.

In civil proceedings, B’s claim was dismissed by the District Court in April, 2018 after several oral proceedings. In the oral proceedings, attorneys at NAM&NAM judiciously led the witness testimony to prove that the main argument for infringement provided by the plaintiff is legally void.

In criminal proceedings, the police and Prosecutor’s Office made a non-prosecution disposition in January, 2018, which means the prosecution found no substantive suspicion of patent infringement, violation of unfair competition law, or fraud or interference of business activities by the CEO of A and other Korean representatives.